Foundation Repair & House Leveling in Beaumont, TX

If you’re looking for Beaumont’s top-rated foundation repair company, then you’ve come to the right place. We are the local source for all things foundation related, bringing exceptional services for your foundation repair needs, block and base services, house levelling and slab repair offerings. When you need the best in the business bringing their attention to something as important as your foundation, you can trust in Beaumont Foundation Repair.

About Us
We understand the importance of a proper foundation below your residential or commercial property and why having the right foundation repair specialists present to provide you services is beneficial. When choosing Beaumont Foundation Repair as your foundation contractor you have the capability to depend on getting the best for your foundation problems. We provide the means to obtain home foundation repair and commercial slab repair for your needs. Whether you have a standard foundation, pier and beam foundation or otherwise, you can be sure that we have the necessary skills and capabilities to bring you results that will last.



Each of the services that we bring to the Beaumont area are designed to ensure that you have the access you need to quality results. Whether you need crevice and crack concrete repair, preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations, or the means to effectively fix foundation problems, you have the access you need with a simple phone call to the offices of Beaumont Foundation Repair. We are here to bring you the quality and dependability that comes with a long-standing history with presenting the city and the surrounding area results that are visible and designed to last on your property.


Concrete Slab Repair
Your concrete slab foundation is in place due to it’s durability and dependability, yet when settling problems occur, you can soon find yourself in need of structural damage repair. Whether through house levelling or foundation floor crack repair, you can be sure that Beaumont Foundation Repair has the means to bring you the solution to your issue that will turn back the hands of time on your Beaumont area property foundation damages.

Crawlspace & Pier and Beam Repair
We have the capability to provide you with results on the widest variety of foundation types. Whether you need block and base repair for a pier and beam foundation, or foundation experts bringing results for your crawlspace, making the call to the foundation repair specialists at Beaumont Foundation Repair will ensure that you get results you can depend on. Keep your home protected and continually dry with our expert assistance in all manner of foundation repair methods.  

Raising and Levelling
Dealing with settling problems within your home or business foundation is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly by experienced professionals. The capability for a non-level foundation to cause issues later down the road is always present, and Beaumont Foundation Repair has the service offerings you need to ensure that you can avoid a cracked slab or worse. No matter the issues your home or business has been suffering, we bring you effective results.

Basement Waterproofing
Keeping your basement dry and useful is important, and when looking to have a proper perimeter drain installed, repaired or maintained, you can count on Beaumont Foundation Repair. We provide you with the means to avoid foundation problems and to keep your property protected. With a proper foundation inspection and property treatment, you have the means to ensure that your home or business is continually in a dry and useful state for your utility.

Draining Services
From French drain installation to repair and replacement services you can count on, looking to your local foundation repair specialists will ensure that you have the right people hard at work for you. No matter the issues your property has been facing, you can depend on our experts to have the means to bring you results you can count on. Save yourself from heavy foundation repair cost by preparing your property to deal with the Beaumont weather and more.

Tunneling Services
There are many foundation repair methods that can be brought to your property, and when choosing Beaumont Foundation Repair for your needs, you can count on our experts to bring benefit in each. By utilizing tunneling services, we have the means to bring you the home foundation repair you need without drilling through your foundation. We provide results in a way that allows us to remove any trace of our service and keeping your home looking good as new. 

“When building my home, I needed to ensure that the foundation installed on the property would last for the life of my home. I eventually called Beaumont Foundation Repair for service and they got right to work in bringing a concrete slab foundation to my new home.”

​– Terry G.

“I was having some issues with the French drain around my property and it was causing problems within the basement. I wound up calling Beaumont Foundation Repair for assistance and they had a professional on site quickly. The results the brought fixed the problem without a trace of their service.” ​– Fred V.
“Over time the seam in my concrete slab foundation started to part and I knew it was a matter of time before bigger damages arose. I called in Beaumont Foundation Repair to have the issue tended to and they had foundation experts here fast and getting right to work.” ​– Brenda Z.


The most effective means to schedule the foundation contractors of choice in the Beaumont area is through simply picking up the phone. We provide you with the means to quickly find answers to how much does foundation repair cost, the details surrounding the services we supply, and the means to quickly and easily book your services for your property. We provide you with the most affordable foundation repair cost, the most dedicated professionals when it comes to providing you the structural damage repair you need and the most dependable results in each and every task we undertake on your behalf.